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Transfusion-Free Medicine Surgery

Religious convictions or the desire to avoid the known risk of blood transfusions lead many to choose non-blood medical management. That’s why at Sherman Oaks Hospital we are proud to offer patients the choice to be treated with or without blood transfusions in many procedures, such as total joint replacement and more.

Our ability to offer transfusion-free medicine is due to the capabilities technology provides. For example, we have surgical devices to minimize blood loss, such as electrocautery, harmonic scalpel, laser, and argon beam coagulators. Also, intra-operative and post-operative blood salvage collects and returns the patient’s blood during surgical procedures in a closed circuit.

For further information, contact us at 818-981-7111.

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We have more than 170 board-certified physicians and surgeons who have made a special commitment to uphold the religious, health or personal wishes of those who desire transfusion-free health care.

For more information please call our surgery department at 818981-7111.

*”Bloodless” means medical or surgical treatment without the use of banked (stored) allogenic blood or primary blood components. Blood loss often occurs during surgery. A bloodless program endeavors to minimize blood loss by utilizing special blood conservation methods.